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Meet the Mutts and Meows

My name is Amelia and I'm the original meow in  "Mutts & Meows".  I was adopted by a very soft hearted college student out of a shelter in Las Vegas in 2004. We moved to Nashville in 2006 to finish college and start a career. I've had several adventures in my journey to becoming a cool Nashville cat including the addition of the "mutts", Roxy & Tuck, to the fam.  Roxy was abandoned on the streets of Nashville by her family and was quickly adopted into ours.  Tuck was a foster who wormed his way into my person's heart (and onto her bed) and has thus become my brother.
Our person has had a life long love of animals and could turn into a crazy cat lady if left to her own devices. Around the time we moved to Nashville, I started to over groom myself.  I couldn't help it!  I was itchy all the time and didn't know how to make it stop or tell my human how to make it stop.  We went to three different vets, who all said it was seasonal allergies, but nothing was helping to stop my itch!  So my human started doing her own research.  Turns out that the food that starts with a S and ends with Diet wasn't the best food out there.  Cats don't need grains like rice or oatmeal - I'm a carnivore and I love meat!  So being the wise gal that my owner is she decided to try and switch me to a grain free food.  And it worked!  Within a couple weeks my itching had stopped and my fur started to grown back. 

That was her first experience with healthier pet products and she was hooked!  So between caring for me and my dog siblings she's become passionate about nutrition and good health for the fur balls in her life.  She whole heartedly believes in a holistic approach to nutrition and pet care.  You can be assured if she's advocating something on the website or in the store it's because she's researched it, tried it on us, and loves the results.  She loves helping pet parents understand the importance of good nutrition.  Feel free to ask her questions about any of the products cause I can guarantee she can answer them.  Plus she also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all food, treats and supplements!  If you don't like it or your pet doesn't like, bring it back and my human will help you find something that you both will like!