Natural Cravings Large Prime Rib Backstrap

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Natural Cravings Prime Rib Backstraps are a thick cut of Backstrap that is right out of the prime rib section, giving it a succulent flavor. Our Backstraps are Single Ingredient with no added chemicals or preservatives. Each Backstrap is individually shrink-wrapped and LARGE in size. This is a long-lasting, tasty and fun dog chew that aids in dental health! This is 100% beef and is NOT a bone. On average, our Backstraps are 9" to 12" long and are wider and thicker than most. Backstraps are intended as a treat, not a food.

Natural Cravings Backstraps contain no dyes, chemicals, smoke, or smoky juice. We are happy to support no-kill animal shelters.

Single Ingredient: Beef backstrap